Film Making

Promotional, Corporate, Product Launches & Promotions, Tutorials, Commercial & Industrial videos.
Documentaries & Interviews, Short Films, Music Videos,
Travel, Wildlife, Drone & Time Lapses.

The Power of Video


Video is now more than ever the best way to promote, inform and impress your clients and customers.
It captures the emotion, informs the viewer, tells your story and sells your products and services without comparison.

With the exponential rise of social media as an essential business tool, it’s even more important today that business’ use
every weapon in their arsenal to compete and get noticed – video can give you the edge.

Broken Road
Cinematic music video produced for the band Freedom To Glide.

Broken Road tells the tail of a World War 1 soldier and his struggle to come to terms with his own mortality.
The song Broken Road is from the Freedom To Glide album SEED Find out more at

Filmed on location in the Yorkshire Dales, UK.

Watches Of Switzerland

Watches Of Switzerland London boutique stores.
Filmed on location at the Oxfords Street, Regent Street and Brompton Road stores.

A Better Way
Cinematic music video produced for the band Freedom To Glide.

A Better Way tells the story of an old soldier being interviewed about his experiences in World War One.
The interviewer touches a nerve with her questioning and he relives a tragic moment in history when he was made to execute a young fellow soldier
for desertion as part of the firing squad. A Better Way is from the Freedom To Glide EP ‘Sick to Death’. Find out more at